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Allcam designs and distributes three types of products: portable electronics, furnitures, and essential oils. With fast and efficient distribution networks centered in Birmingham (UK) and ShenZhen (China), we are able to cover potentially 100 million customers in EU and 1.3 billion more in China. For the past decade we have served over 300,000 customers with quality product tailed to their own taste. Whether you are looking for special monitors for your machinery, or looking for a reliable way to transport your products to China or EU, we have simple and cost-effective solutions for you.

Essential Oils
Contemporary Furnitures
Portable Electronics
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英国万象公司致力于三大类产品的研发和销售:便携式电子产品、 精油和天然护理产品、和新型家具。 我们在英国伯明翰和中国深圳拥有分销中心。 我们高效率的分销网络覆盖拥有一亿人口的欧盟和十三亿人口的中国。 过去 10 年中,万象公司为 30 万顾客提供了量身定做的产品。不论您是在寻找健康可靠的奶粉和牛奶制品,或欧洲产纯天然化妆和护理产品, 还是在为您的产品寻找一条合法的快速运输清关通道进出中国或欧洲, 我们都可以为您提供简单快速的方案。